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Tonertex Starter Kit

  • The pen contains a unique ACID-FREE adhesive that will not dry up the nib
  • Writes just like a ball point pen. Just write with the adhesive on your favorite project let dry
  • The adhesive stays tacky when dry
  • Place foil, color side up on the dried adhesive and rub
  • Presto your project has been FOILED without any fuss and no heat required
  • Easy enough for children, sophisticated enough for adults
  • Apply foil to decorate hard surfaces such as paper, wood, cardboard, ceramic, metal and glass
  • Also great for embellishing quilting and sewing projects on high thread count materials
  • Set consists of 1 Foiling Glue Pen with instructions and 16, 4 x 4 inch assorted foils ranging from exotic multicolored foils to gold and silver
  • Adhesive is non toxic

Check out the U tube demonstration