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Tonertex Write n Rub Pen

Write ‘n’ Rub Foiling Pen
 Contains 1 pen

Our greatest invention for use with Tonertex Foils tm is the Write ’n’ Rub Foiling Pen. It’s really easy to use and contains a unique adhesive that will not dry up in the tip. They are suitable for decorating hard surfaces like paper, card, wood, glass, and high-thread-count (non-stretch) fabric.
The pens are guaranteed for TWO years against drying up – even after opening. However, they’re addictive and not guaranteed against running out!

  • These pens are ACID-FREE and non-toxic
  • Wonderful for decorating hard surfaces like paper, wood, cardboard, metal and glass
  • They even write on high thread count fabrics to embellish your favorite sewing or quilting projects
  • A Must For Every Scrapbooker!
  • Write & Rub Foiling pens are a brilliant tools to apply foils or glitter WITHOUT ANY HEAT
  • The pens contain a unique ACID-FREE adhesive that will not dry up the nib
  • Writes just like a ball point pen. Just write the adhesive on your favorite project let dry
  • The adhesive stays tacky when dry. Place foil, color side up on the dried adhesive and rub or rub on the Tonertex no mess glitter. The glitter adheres to the adhesive
  • Easy enough for children, sophisticated enough for adults.

Fun to Do • Easy & Quick • No Mess • No Batteries • Acid Free

Works just as well on Fabric

Check out the U Tube video