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15 Squedge

 A Squedge is a squared wedge. Squedge rhymes with Wedge
Wedges make circles,
but Squedges make squares.
The 15 Squedge makes a 16" finished square
with 24 Squedge pieces.  

Free patterns for the 15 Degree Squedge listed below.                                                  
                                        Spikey Suedges                                                                                                                                        
Check out the quilt "Linking Hands" a cancer support quilt.

Postage only $3.50 NZ and Rest of World $4.00
 If purchasing the tool on its own the postage rate will drop to $3.50 for NZ and $4.00 Rest of the world.This will be adjusted by me prior to charging your card.