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Hello, my name is Kerry Glen. I have been a passionate quilter for many years so much, that in 2005 I decided to make it my career. I have operated Tulis Textiles from my home in Northland New Zealand. It has been wonderful to be able to work in an environment that fully caters for all my creative needs.


2005 till November 2022


Since starting Tulis I have sold and worked with Batik fabrics, I love the contemporary feel these fabrics add to even the most traditional patterns. I have a reputation as being a bit of a "circle freak" as I have gravitated to working with pieced circular shapes. I have taught classes specialising in Piecing blocks using tools and templates to create exiting quilts.More recently I have developed a series of classes working with surface design techniques applying paint and marks to fabric and therefore creating unique works of art.


November 2022


I have now closed my e commerce store and created this new site to display and provide inspiration to my friends and new quilters.


Those of you that enjoy creating Mixed Media art or Surface Design I still have products available to purchase and I have listed them here under Textile Art Supplies. Complete the enquiry form I will respond within 24hrs advising details etc.


Are you looking for a traditional Indonesian batik or Ikat, I just love adding that little different piece for textural interest. 


 Over the years I have produced so many quilts as samples and for display purposes that I have listed some now for sale.  If you are interested, you can email me.

Evelyns Quilt 2021_edited.jpg
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