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How To Order

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. Currency conversion rates can be calculated hereThis is an approximate amount.

We accept orders from all over the world.
We aim to have your orders dispatched within 24 hours however can't advise when you will receive your parcel owing to delays within the postal system while we are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

Fat Quarter Cuts. Modern Batik Range only.
You can order a fat quarter by clicking on quantity Box 1 set it to 0 . Box two will then read Fat Quarter.

The shopping basket reads as .3 but the amount charged is 1/4 of the metre price. 
If you wish to purchase .25 as a straight cut please indicate No .
Checkout and Shopping Cart
Details of your cart can be viewed by clicking the top right hand "Show Cart". Checking Out takes place there as well. 

I strive to have all items in stock however sometimes fabric can be sold without my having a chance to update the website. If this happens I will contact you before completing the order .

Any information you give on this site will not be divulged to any other organization or individual.

There are four ways to place an order with

  • Use the website ordering system. Choose your product/s and click 'add to cart’ Follow the directions for completing the order

  • Mail your order to: Tulis Textiles 7 Marama Place One Tree Point 0118 New Zealand

  • Email me your order

  • Telephone me +64 21 774 972 International and  021 774 972 NZ

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